Thursday, October 1, 2015

Holoprojector Repair - Rose City Comic Con Damage

Taking something like L3-G0 out and exhibiting him causes a lot of wear and tear.  Foot motors break, shoulders get smashed, fuses blow, etc.

One common problem I've had is with the holoprojectors.
L3-G0 Lego Holoprojector
There are 8 panels on each one (alternating fat/narrow), attached by Lego clips.  The clips break, as on the bottom left.  This HP lost a panel before the show even started, but I lost 3 more during the show.  I moved one down to be less conspicuous earlier, but right after the show closed some toddler yanked the HP off his back and when it came back it had even fewer panels.

Anyway, this is one place I have to Kragle.  The narrow arms especially want to fall off, and the 1x1 rounds.  The clips are free to move though, and the axle fits in a round hole that lets the entire HP move and be positioned.

Biggest problem was that one of the chargers failed.  We made do, but fortunately Shorai replaced it under warranty. 

At RCCC the slip ring that powers the dome lights also got disconnected at the plug, and shorted, blowing a fuse.  So that needs repaired too.

Also a few misc parts form the feet.  Left battery box isn't staying on very well.

Lastly one of the feet might be slipping.  The RCCC convention center has nasty carpet.

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