Sunday, October 4, 2015

Brickcon 2015!

Subtitle: how to be completely out-of-sync since I haven't even posted about (much) earlier events....  Oh well.

This weekend was Brickcon 2015, one of the biggest Lego conventions around.  Tons of "well known" Lego artists show stuff there, and we've been going most recent years.  We represented the R2-D2 Builder's Club, showing off the banner we picked up at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

L3-G0 and MCK-Y, Lego Droids at BrickCon 2015
L3-G0 and MCK-Y, Lego Droids at BrickCon 2015
MCK-Y the Mouse Droid and I had tons of fun entertaining folks 
Entertaining kids at BrickCon
On Saturday we had some excitement when the fire alarm went off.  Apparently some mom had her kiddo in one of those backpack things, and was leaning against the wall to rest.  When she went to leave, the kid was apparently really curious about this thing attached to the wall and tried to hang on.
Lara was wrangling L3-G0 at the time and was wondering what kind of whacky noise she'd triggered!


MCK-Y also took it upon himself to go entertain some of the folks in the crowd outside waiting to get tickets (there's often a line, particularly in the morning).  Unfortunately, he also tried to test the strength of this wall by backing into it!
The line curved around this shallow fountain, so MCK-Y decided to show off his off-road skillz!

Lego Mouse Droid driving through fountain!
Here are some of the other MOCs (My Own Creation, 'cept that these other people's creations, it's a Lego Builder acronym for things they make).
Cool Lighthouse, 2nd place in People's Choice

Nifty Lego Mosaic, Our Neighbor won an Mosaic award

These computers were also our neighbors, Look at those Lego cases!
On Sunday we were privileged to receive the BrickCon 2015 People's Choice Award.  What a cool honor!  We're glad you liked L3-G0 and MCK-Y, and thanks to everyone who voted for us.  We go to the cons because like showing off the droids for the crowds, especially when folks are excited and curious, but we don't mind winning prizes :)  There were tons of other great and deserving Lego Creations at the show, so we're thrilled and humbled that you chose us.
L3-G0 with People's Choice Award

L3-G0 trying the People's Choice Trophy on as a hat!
Now maybe I'll get around to posting some of the things that happened earlier in the year...

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