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L3-G0 the full size working Lego R2-D2

You can see our Lego R2-D2 on his YouTube channel, user name "myL3G0".  He loves it when you share and comment on the videos.

The most popular ones (so far) are in a playlist.  I'll update that when I have more ECCC footage. The "Darth Lily" video is pretty cute and popular.

He also went shopping at Emerald City Comicon, checking out the Lego:

And if you've never seen Star Wars and Doctor Who mixed before, here's R2-D2 with Dalek Clara

One of the most popular videos of his construction is "Barrels of Fun", building most of L3-G0's body.  Near the end you can see that our kittens had fun helping out.

Some of the construction videos have little Easter Eggs, such as the Lego horses that were "helping" us out. This one's kind of fun because the horses go on a carousal ride as L3-G0's dome is built..

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