Saturday, March 1, 2014

Starting to get back together

Update for my L3-G0 build, the full size Lego R2-D2.

It's like cleaning where things get worse before they get better.  Finally he's starting to get back together WITH his frame!

He was upside down a bit while I tried to figure out the skirt (built back on "Day 3", but haven't had anything to attach it to until now.... and now it's not right :(
And unfortunately the shim that the dome's bearing is on didn't fit once the body was bolted together.  The original shim was hand cut, but now the body is in a laser cut 12-sided shape.  Apparently without a frame it had more play.
Even worse, the (@*&#()*%& bearing didn't come with properly spaced holes, so I had to get at the bearing to transfer the bolt holes correctly.  And the bearing was on the bottom of the dome.  I almost got away with having the dome upside down, but it didn't survive :(

I'm hoping to get the dome back together for the Sealug meeting tomorrow, but it might not happen.  He obviously isn't complete, but I'm hoping to see how well he transports.  I'd rather mess up tomorrow with weeks to fix it than mess up on the way to Emerald City Comicon and have a few hours to fix it!.

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