Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Darth Vader (Darth Lily?) Loves R2-D2

One of the fans attending ECCC, Lily, was dressed up as Darth Vader when she came to visit L3-G0.  Her dad asked her to go put on her Vader mask and pose with R2-D2.  As she came up, "R2" saw "Vader", made his sad sound and backed up.  She came closer and he did it again.  And again.

Lily didn't like R2 being sad, so she took it off and showed him it was just a mask.  Then she gave R2 a hug to comfort him.  She talked to him a lot saying how she saw his movie and he was her favorite robot and other stuff again.
Darth Lily hugging Lego R2-D2

Everyone wanted to put the mask back on again to take pictures, but she didn't want to scare R2 again.  They "talked" a bit, and her dad translated his beeping as really wanting to be scared again.  She asked if he was sure and I managed to hit a button that did a somewhat positive sounding beep.  Reluctantly she put the mask on again, and when he shuddered again, she quickly ripped it off and gave him a hug.

Normally L3-G0's a "don't touch", but Lily was so short and concerned and gentle I wasn't worried.  It's the kids patting him on the head that cave in the dome, or people tripping over his feet (I've learned R2 has big feet). 

Thanks to Lily and her parents for letting us share her picture and video.  I start this clip just before Lily so you can see just why he's so scared of her costume.

Yes, Lily, L3-G0/R2-D2 hasn't forgotten your name :)


  1. It was a pleasure to meet you this last weekend. This has got to be one of the most creative variations of our fav mech we have seen. As promised The video links to our droid with the three to two and back, in action can be found here:
    Part two has a bit of a play by play but the floor surface was not ideal.
    I see my old webpage also has the original old page up (from when we first finished him - back in 1997)
    Photo with us and your guy can be found on my FB page. I was going to leave it here but I can't see a way to post. Also. The search on FB can't find you so I am assuming he doesn't have a FB page yet.

    our page:

    1. Ok, we'll try to do the facebook thing, try