Sunday, August 25, 2013

Starting the build!

Not all of the parts are in yet, but there's some stuff I can start on, so here's the results of day one constructing L3-G0.

First I worked on the Holoprojectors (they go on his dome) because I thought I had all the parts.  Turns out I'm short the curved pieces on the bottom, so the white will need replaced with gray when it arrives.  The funny colored plates are just to hold the HP together until it gets on the dome.

Also notice how the top right holoprojector is pivoted?  That caused a bit of extra work, it would've been easy to make them stick straight out, but the real ones were made from those vent things on an airplane that point in different directions, so I wanted to keep the ability to move them.  That caused some extra work.

In addition to the holoprojectors, I started on the feet.  For the main feet I did what I'm calling the "footprint", before it starts angling.  For the front center foot I got most of the front and back, and some of the sides done.

Time Lapse Video of Day 1 Construction


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