Thursday, August 29, 2013

Building Session Three

Well, something about having to work, so I didn't get daily updates.  Instead the bits are interrupted and built over a few days.

We still don't have all of the parts, so there's a few holes to fill in the results, but there's a good start on the skirt (under the body), the very top of the dome (I thought I had all the parts, but it's missing a little gray ring), and the legs.

Worked on the skirt first (daughter realized it's his butt, what do you expect from a teenager?)  Unfortunately we're missing a bunch of the "wing" pieces to round out the edges :(

It's also a bit "wobbly" because the hinges let it bend, but that'll get fixed later.  Even so, I think it's looking pretty good.  (Photos are with the skirt upside down).

I thought I had all of the parts for the tippy top of the dome (above the pie plates), so I figured I'd whip that out in about 10 seconds.  Unfortunately I'm still waiting for a little ring on the very top.  (Hopefully tomorrow).  I was able to use the flying saucer or whatever they're called parts for this part of the dome.  The angles and sizes matched surprisingly well for that.

More successfully I worked on the legs.  Again, some parts are missing, but I got further, including some complicated stuff.  Obviously they're incomplete, but I'm reasonably happy with the detail.
One thing I realized looking at a photo of a real R2 is that my legs seem a bit tall.  I was expecting them to attach to the plate on top of the ankle, but the distance between the notch and the bottom seems longer than on the real photo.
Coincidentally, the R2 builders group had a thread today that mentioned "standard" and "extended" legs.  I wonder if I followed plans for "extended"?  Clearly there's some measuring in my future to make sure I get them the right height.
Top is missing some of the slopes to make the recess rounded (it's a pretty complex curve), but here's the top so far.  Hopefully the slopes come today:

Time Lapse of Phase 3 Building:

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