Sunday, April 5, 2015

Attempting to build a Lightsaber Launcher

Working on a Lightsaber Launcher for his dome.  Man this takes up a TON of room!  I plan to stretch the lever arm a couple mm because the servo is rubbing, but this would probably work if I needed it to.
Lightsaber Launcher for Lego Artoo, Mark I Overview
The main mechanism is an inner chamber that latches onto the knob on the bottom of the .707 scale stunt Lightsaber.  This shows the clamp in it's latched position.  The spring would be compressed.

Closed Position Lightsaber Launcher Clamp
And here's a picture with the saber loaded.

Loaded Lightsaber Launcher
To launch, the inner chamber slides over to release the item.  The lever arm in the 1st picture redirects the vertical motion of the servo to horizontal.

Open clamp position
The mount bolts to the aluminum T-slot in L3-G0's frame, but I'm going to tweak it a bit before installing it.

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  1. That good step by step guide.