Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday

There was an interruption of the construction and posting because of my (Shawn's) birthday.  A few more body panels were done, those'll get posted later.  Thanks everyone for the party and the presents!!!

The party was Star Wars L3-G0 themed for some reason, Lara got perfect cake!!!  (Apparently getting someone to print L3-G0) was a ton of work, but I really liked it.
And I got Brainz!!!!  L3-G0 will probably appreciate this.  Granted it's going to need a *lot* of help to make an EV3 control L3-G0, but it seems like a Lego Astromech's brain should be a Lego computer. 
And that's pretty much it for the birthday photos.  We gave the camera to our teenage son, so most of the rest of the Shawn's birthday party photos are Darius' selfies :)

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