Monday, January 25, 2016

Kenny Baker R2-D2 model now ready for your votes on Lego Ideas!

Several folks have asked for "the plans" to L3-G0, which is complicated for a lot of reasons.  So, as a compromise, now's your chance.  Convince Lego that the fans want a Limited Edition full size Kenny Baker style Artoo unit!
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Lego isn't like Sideshow collectables, they're used to doing huge runs of mass sets, not limited runs that appeal to collectors.  There's a market for a full size Artoo unit, but Lego doesn't know it.  We're going to have to convince them how this could actually work, and the way to do that is through the comments!
If you want this to be a real possibility, I need you not just to support the Idea on Lego Ideas, but also to comment WHY you want it, even as a premium Limited Edition Collectible.  16,000 bricks is probably more than the market will bear for a normal run of 10,000+ Lego sets, as it would cost $2000-$2500 - far more than any previous Lego set.  Sure, some people would buy it, maybe even 10,000, but you're not going to convince any conservative Lego business planner of that. 
Instead, we need to show them that it would be worth their time as a Special Collector's Edition limited run of maybe 500 sets.  As a limited run there's sort of a lower risk, but the production costs are still fixed, so the individual per set price would be much more.  Perhaps even $4000 or $5000. 
We need to convince them that there are at least 500, and preferably at least a few thousand, folks that would be willing to pay that much for a set like this.